Triceps Press

Triceps press
Triceps press
Triceps press

The triceps press is a great workout for your arms. It is a lifting technique that will build up the triceps. Your triceps is a big muscle group on the back of your arm and you target this muscle when you do a triceps press.


Your triceps brachii is a three-headed muscle in your arm. It is a large muscle on the back of your arm. This muscle is responsible for the exnsion of the elbow. You exercise the elbow by doing extension movements, and a triceps press is one form of that. 


Two-thirds of the muscles in your upper arm is your triceps. The majority of the growth of your arm will therefore come from exercises of your triceps. If you are not interested in growth but more in toning your arms from getting loose and flabby, the triceps press is also a great exercise. 


Stand facing the machine, have a bar attached to the machine and grab the bar, your arms should be shoulders-width apart and your palms should be facing the ground. Bend your knees and start from your shoulders, keep a straight back. Press the bar down to your leg and don't let your elbows move, keep them on the side of your body. Its only your arms that is gonna move, but keep your core contracted to help stabilizing your body. Go up with the arms to starting position and repeat.


Sit down on a bench and have a support for your back. Grab a dumbbell with both hands and lift it over your head with straight arms. Keep your elbows to the side of your forehead and bend the elbows and slowly lower the dumbbell behind your neck. Go down and then lift it up again, above your head. If you have a heavy dumbbell, ask someone for help by handing it to you when you start. Remember that it is only the forearm that is supposed to move. 
You can also do the triceps press when lying down on a bench. 


When you do the triceps press on a exercise ball you will struggle to keep the balance, and this is a good challenge because then you will use and exercise more muscles. Have your feet shoulder-width apart to help you keeping the balance. Use dumbbells, and do the exercise in the same way as you do it sitting down on a bench, but remember to have good posture and to contract your core-muscles.


Because you have a weight over your head you should be more careful. Start with a lower weight and increase gradually, if the weight is so heavy you have to swing it over your head, it is to heavy. When you do a triceps press it is better to have a good technique than to lift a lot of weight. 


After doing the triceps press you can stretch your arm. Have your arm above your head, with your elbow against the head, take the other hand and put it on your elbow, push the arm gently back for 20 seconds and then switch arms. If you feel this position are hurting your neck, try to do it different. You can put your elbow against a wall and lean towards the wall, or put one arm across your body and grab your elbow with the other hand and pull the arm towards your body.